March 2019

Another busy month especially since we have had such unseasonal weather.

Firstly a catch up with our negotiations around the possible Pride Events:

Cambridge Pride – we have had ongoing correspondence with the Cambridge Pride organisers and attended a meeting in Cambridge this month.  They seem very keen for us to take part, but how that will look is still under review.

London Pride – we are continuing to negotiate with Pride in London to allow Dykes on Bikes® London to launch this years Pride Parade.  Keep an eye on our FB page for updates and indicate whether you would be interested in riding with us.

London Pre Pride Ride – we are organising a Pre-Pride Ride in London on the 30th June.  Again, all the details are under our Events tab on the London Biker Dykes -DoB London FB page.

Charity Raffle – as part of the Pre-Pride Celebrations we will be conducting a raffle of various prizes, the proceeds of which will go to our nominated charity this year, The Outside Project.  Tickets will be on sale nearer the time.

WRWR – the Women Riders World Relay.  This global event kicked off at John O’ Groats and the baton is finally on it’s way around the world.  Our patched members – President Petit-Chou and Secretary Pogs are both taking part in the Relay and rode the final ‘leg’ from Ace Cafe to Boulogne-Sur-Mer via Gillingham in Kent this month.  Pogs then continued through France into Spain and Portugal.

For all the details of this amazing initiative and adventures see Pogs’ blog at


Charm of the Chilterns – another excellent ride out organised by our patched member Stolk.

On the 24th March Dykes on Bikes London Charmed the Chilterns. This was a popular ride which attracted 13 riders, the most we have ever ridden with. We met up at the Ace Café on the North Circular for a quick brekkie, banter and briefing and off we went. We explored the gorgeous twisty roads and picturesque villages in the Chiltern Hills before we arrived at Wayland Smithy, a Neolithic long barrow and chamber tomb (by some of our more barbaric riders referred to as a ‘heap of stones’…). Then it was off for lunch at a nearby pub…or so we thought…. Pub number one did not have space for us, ok then, off to pub number 2….nope…kitchen is closed. Out of desperation we ended up in the outskirts of Swindon for a Snack Donalds or a Subway.

Onwards we go though, because we still have a long way back to London. Riding with a bigger group is challenging, especially making good timing and keeping the group together. Despite our best efforts the Follies had to peel off prematurely because they lost the group at a series of roundabouts. Luckily we all have each other’s cell phone numbers and the Follies reported they were fine, but were peeling off. On we went. Not before long Badger, who was sweeping that day, rode up to Stolk, our ride leader, to report that Sheila had a flat rear tyre! We tried to apply a temporary fix, but the puncture was too serious. To the nearest petrol station it is! We found one within a few miles, where Sheila called recovery and found a safe place to wait for them. We all went our separate ways at this point. The end to yet another exciting, adventurous day out with Dykes on Bikes® London!

dykes on bikes London

dykes on bikes London

Treasure Hunt – this was organised in conjunction with Kenric and attended by our President Petit-Chou.

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