September 2019

Cruisin’ the Cotswolds – 7 September

It was about time to venture out again and enjoy some leafy autumn lanes in the Cotswolds. Petit Chou, Pogs and Stolk met up at the Ace Café which was particularly busy this morning and flooded by old chaps in their midlife crisis, oh sorry, I meant Rockers….Luckily our breakfast and catch up was not interrupted by the usual mansplaining and we were looking forward to escape the city for some countryside fun.

This was the first day on the bike that it really felt like autumn! I was freezing! Why did I not think of putting my lining in my trousers and jacket?! Pogs lent me a pair of warm gloves so at least my hands stayed comfy and warm.

We rode westwards via the A40 and quickly shot off via some smaller more twisty Chiltern Roads towards Oxfordshire. The riding was nice and fast with a group of only three and the roads were quiet, just how we liked it!

Around lunchtime we arrived in the Cotswolds and rode into Bourton-on- the-Water, a very charming little town with those typical sandstone buildings that the Cotswolds are famous for. This of course also attracted thousands of other tourists…. but we managed to find a quiet local pub for some nice food and some quality time together.

After that it was back to London as we had at least another 100 miles ahead of us. We took a more northern route and said goodbye at a service station near Hemel Hampstead. Pogs and Petit went into central London to attend the Rebel Dyke event and I raced back to Cambridge, tired but happy after another fun day out with these amazing Dykes!

Rebel Dykes Gathering – 7th September

Petit Chou, Pogs and Doc attended an evening event aimed at fundraising for the Rebel Dykes Herstory archive. For more information and to support them go to

It was an evening of entertainment and an opportunity for Dykes, young and old, to meet and learn about our herstory. A preview of the upcoming film about Rebel Dykes in the 80’s was also shown, a blast from the past for some of us but, maybe more importantly, an eye opener for all those young fresh faced Dykes seeing some of the herstory that has instigated major changes in our lives and the freedoms we enjoy today.

If you are able to offer some support then please do get in touch with them directly.

El TOWIE LLL – 28 September

A short ride out to Maldon in Essex. This ride was aimed at encouraging L plate riders to join us. Just 35 miles from start to finish, a lovely twisty sedate ride to view the famous Thames barges moored at Maldon. Stopping to view a few of the curious sights on the way

That’s ducks not Dykes…

arriving at Maldon for lunch.

One of the grrls came out to find her bike wouldn’t start so we spend an hour or so getting it going… luckily a local boat owner was kind enough to help out and we were able to jump start her battery.. whew!!

Never a dull moment with DoB London!!

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