October 2019

Brightonia – 13th October

Thanks to our Prospect Sheila for her report on the day….

A day trip to Brightona was the perfect opportunity for me to take my new bike , a yummy Yami XSR 700 for her first good ride. A two year old bike, it’d only done 1500 miles on the clock, so Brighton must have been the furthest she’d ever travelled. And I was more than happy to take her there!
The journey was a bit drizzly and gusty, and I was nervous on the new bike, getting used to how she handled, not wanting to drop her because she’s so beautiful. She’s very different from my old top heavy Triumph 955RS and I just couldn’t trust her to be as fabulously nippy as she is. Wow – this has turned into a review, not an account of the day.
So Brightona was weird and a bit disappointing but the ride was fabulous and so was the company. The highlight was the customized motorcycles that mostly seemed crazy and impossible to ride. But what would I know, eh? The live music was terrible old fashioned hard rock sung by men as old as me, but who seemed older. Funny, that. The merch included a lot of dodgy sexist slogans and that kind of American xenophobia I equate with the Deep South. Ah well, as I said, the ride down from London was fabulous, and so was the company. Not to mention my new love, the yummy Yami.

Despite the cold and wet, we did have a brief shopping op…. yay!!

dykes on bikes London

BLAT!! 19th October

Ace Cafe to Surrey in a Hurry. A club only ride out for a change.. meeting up at the famous Ace Cafe, where we presented our Prospect, Bumble, with her full patch…

dykes on bikes London
A very happy Beeeeee

well pleased, a day she says she will remember for a long time… she then led us down to her neck of the woods in Surrey via a scenic route to the world famous Rykas Cafe at Box Hill for a pit stop and then looped up to Newlands Corner, another biker fav; it was great to visit biker haunts south of London for a change.

dykes on bikes London
dykes on bikes London

Bumble is planning another Surrey scurry to Arundel and Newlands in the Spring so keep your eyes peeled for that on our FB events calendar.

Pride in London – Awards Night 22nd October

We were delighted to be nominated and win the Pride in London Award for best new group. Due to the limited number of invites only 3 of us could attend.

dykes on bikes London

A very proud moment for us and the club, being able to successfully lead off London Pride and make such good connections to the Pride team we are assured of a place at the front of London Pride going forward and fully intend to make it bigger and better next year… so come on you Biker Dykes, get your application in and come ride with us at the biggest pride event in Europe next year. See you there x

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