March 2020

New Forest – 8th March

Ride to the Sammy Miller Museum… not!  

After  meeting up at our Presidents place for a delicious brekkie we make our way out of London via the beautiful, historic Hampton Court… a quick photo op in front of this magnificent building.

Heading out west, via lovely A roads and twisties, we stop off for lunch in Winchester, another iconic setting despite some light rain

Following a very tasty lunch we start to make our way to Sammy Millers, but decide to stick to the fantastic country roads, which mean we don’t have time to visit the museum this time; definitely a destination for another day.  Great ride Petit Chou, thank you.


Dyke Down…. 9th March

Mid afternoon and we receive a message from our Treasurer, Bumble, she has had a serious accident!!  We are all stunned and very worried about her.  She is airlifted to St Georges Hospital in south London, just around the corner from PC.  She has serious fractures of her pelvis and they will have to install a metal plate to knit it all back together.

PC and Pogs arrange to visit the next day…

We are very relived to find her in good spirits, but lots of pain… full of some serious meds, so maybe that’s why she is smiling!!

Due to Covid-19 we are not able to visit her again in hospital as the lockdown starts to bite.  Following an operation, she is eventually discharged home to mend, but the doctors are advising she may not be able to ride again…. watch this space.  No need to worry about that now, just get better soon Bum…

Ride the Surrey and Sussex Roads – 22nd March

Despite the restrictions we do decide to carry on with this ride out.  We take the social distancing very seriously and maintain at least 2m distance, both on and off the bikes.  We were shocked to see so many people at the stopping points, Newlands Corner, (cafe closed), somehow we missed Billy’s Diner but did get as far as Whiteways at Arundel – Cafe open and very crowded!  The roads and weather were fantastic, just as promised by Bumble, who was due to lead this ride out through her home turf.  It was good to meet a new supporter, Ciara, who we hope will come and ride with us again once the world gets back to normal.

We take the opportunity to visit the Bum… from a safe distance of course.  We received a parcel of goodies from our German Sistas, Dori G and Steego from DoB Rhine-Weser for her so needed to drop that off… and a special patch made just for her from us all!



We are so pleased to see her on her feet, even with the aid of crutches, and smiling…. keep your chin up Sista, we are here for you.

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