July 2020

dyke down – 2nd july

Dyke Down…. Our President and club founder member Petit Chou had a serious accident at the beginning of the month. A car pulled out on her with no room to get around so over the top!!! Broken foot, major ligament damage to left knee and her little dirt/road bike totalled. 12 days in hospital, an operation on her knee and will probably take at least a year to get better…

dykes on bikes London

So our two wheelchair chariot members are busy planning their racing calender… get well soon Bumble and Petit Chou, we miss you on our rides.

Mersea – 26th july

First time since lockdown, aeons ago, some of us met up for an out of London ride – Spanna, Sheila, Torchie and our new prospect Widget.

dykes on bikes London

It felt great sitting at the Red Bus cafe at Northfields Airfields drinking bad coffee waiting for each other to arrive – real hugs were on the menu!

After a not-too-brief catch-up, we set our various satnavs for Mersea Island in case Sheila’, who was leading, navigation failed. But it was a lovely and simple-to-navigate ride east into deepest Essex, past Billericay, to the end of the island of Britain, and over a bridge to Mersea.

The smell of the sea is always welcome and we followed our noses to the marina and some AWESOME oysters and fish n chips.

Much laughter and a dozen oysters later, we wend our way back to the big smoke.


Finally, Pogs, our Secretary, has gone away on her solo travels again…. follow her latest mis-adventures at

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