December 2020


dykes on bikes London

Just a few of us braved the slightly cold weather for a lovely ride down to Hayling Island and back.  President Petit Chou and Secretary, Pogs, were joined by Jenius from our sista chapter Dykes on Bikes Sussex.  We had a lovely day out, riding some grand twisty roads on the way down then enjoyed delicious fish and chips on the shore at Hayling Island.  A quick route back via the A3 was a good idea as it was getting late.  Another fun day.

dykes on bikes London

Tier 3 Trundle – 20th December – Ace Cafe Meetup and Ride around Bucks

Originally planned for the 12th, this was cancelled due to predicted high winds and heavy rain.  The following weekend promised low temperatures but sunny skies so we quickly decided to go for a blat.  Due to the return to Tier 3 we were only able to meet outside the Ace Cafe for a quick cuppa and then on the road out towards Aylesbury.  Again only a few were able to come out to play, but great to see…. again.

Sadly this month we said a very fond farewell to Bumble who, following her horrendous accident, has decided to hand in her Patch and give biking a rest.  We look forward to seeing her at our social events, when we start having them again, and her Patch is always here if she should ever want to return.

Freeze Ya Bloomin’ Arse Orf 2020 – 27th December – Isle of Grain

Yes it’s that time of year again… however, due to the ongoing pandemic this is now postponed to January or maybe beyond… will have to wait and see what happens.

Looking forward to 2021 and really hoping we will be able to get back to some sort of normality again.

See you next year

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