MARCH 2021

Ok so still all locked up in our homes… but the key to the lock is coming and next month we should be able to ride out for the first time in 2021… fingers crossed.

13th March – Trui Hanoulle

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This month we had another online adventure when Trui Hanoulle kindly gave up her time to talk to us online about electric motorcycles. Trui is one of the leading lights of electric motorcycle touring in Europe. She rode from Belgium to Istanbul on a Zero DS motorcycle, maybe surprisingly, without any problems other than a charging issue just after she left Belgium, which was dealt with by the Zero dealer coming out and repairing the bike on route. A really fascinating and eye opening talk; she is certainly an enthusiastic advocate of electric motorcycling and we are sure inspired many of our participants to investigate further.

Once again many thanks to Trui and all our online event speakers for their time and unstinting support of these events.

As we are due to ease lockdown at the end of March we are hoping to have our first ride of 2021 at the beginning of April. Take a look at the April news for details of our adventures.

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