APRIL 2021

4th April – Milford on Sea

dykes on bikes London

AT LAST!! Yes we were finally able to meet together for our first ride out of 2021…. YAY.

We are back, but only 6 people allowed to gather and due to the ravages of lockdown 2 of our members could not ride with us this time having had their licenses expire during lockdown.. what a bummer! Even so we were able to open up the 2 vacant spots to others and were very pleased to be riding with our sista Jehnius from DoB Sussex and supporter Laura who rode with us for the first time.

Bloomin’ hell it was freezing at first and we all arrived like blocks of ice to the meet up point outside Guildford.

dykes on bikes London

After hot coffee and two major surprises we were on our way. Hold up, you say, what ‘major surprises’?

Ok – first were are delighted to announce that one of our Prospects has finally earned her full patch.. welcome to the club Torchie. We always make a point of keeping it under wraps and even though Spanna and Widget couldn’t be with us in person, we were still able to include them in the surprise via a video call… Torchie was suitably shocked and of course absolutely delighted as our photos show.

Secondly we also surprised our club Secretary, Pogs, with a gift for her 65th Birthday…. she was certainly not expecting that and again absolutely delighted.

We were then soon on our way toward the south coast, heading for Milford on Sea and, hopefully, a look at Hurst Castle. We planned to ride there and then walk to the castle for a picnic.

Taking the wiggly wiggly route down to the coast through some fantastic New Forest scenery we finished the last 10-15 miles on faster roads so we could spend time at the castle. On arrival it took us some time to find the way around the town down towards the castle and eventually we were able to park up right on the shore.

It was certainly breezy and due to time we decided not to walk to the castle, it was shut anyway, and leave that for the next time.

We made our way up the shale dunes and found a sheltered spot for our picnic lunch…

and then Jehnius, Laura and Torchie also treated us to their impression of a boy band…

dykes on bikes London

while DoBzilla looked on appreciatively.

dykes on bikes London

Back on the bikes and some split off to take fast A and M roads home while a few returned via more interesting roads.

A chilly but excellent day out… can’t wait for the next one.

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