May 2021

2nd/3rd May – Bury St Edmonds

Today we were joined by Janius from our sista chapter DoB Sussex and keen supporter Laura. Another beautiful ride through the Essex/Cambridgeshire countryside.

Janius showed us her new helmet, just amazing…

dykes on bikes London

We first stopped off at the little village of Crane, fantastic architecture, beautiful thatched cottages with amazing animal sculptures atop, crafted from straw.

and a lovely cuppa and cake from a local charity stall outside of the church

dykes on bikes London
DoBzilla enjoying tea and cake in Clare

and then off again onto the twisty roads towards Debden where we stopped for a pub lunch; except they were not able to offer food due to the ongoing restrictions, but very kindly allowed us to sit in the garden and fetch sandwiches from the local shop to have there… a definite one to return to at some point in the future.

dykes on bikes London

Off again and all that tea has caught up with us… time for an impromptu stop in the middle of nowhere.. luckily we found a portaloo on the side of the road

dykes on bikes London
Sheila looking desperate or relieved… hard to tell lol

also an opportunity for some bike shots

Arriving in Bury we had a look around and then individually made our own way back home with 3 of us staying overnight to ride back the following day.

A lovely couple of days spent together enjoying the stunning countryside we are blessed with surrounding the Big Smoke.

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