June 2021

25th June – London

Rebel Dykes for a night!

DOB Sussex and ourselves DOB London where invited as guests to the Preview of ‘Rebel Dykes’ in London, a dynamic documentary examining London’s rebel dyke subculture of the 1980s. Taking many years to produce, this documentary is now thankfully immortalised in our history.

After the preview was over there where Q &A and an invite to all the watchers to go round to their outside bar for a drink a chat and a surprise…yes we where the surprise. So off we went to grab our bikes and ride round to the bar. In the spirit of the Rebel Dykes we revved our engines making a lovely noise as we entered, riding right up to the whooping crowds !! There was a feeling of celebrity as we where cheered, filmed and photographed through the night.

A great evening to help support the Preview and definitely enjoyed by both Chapters.


dykes on bikes London

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