October 2021

17th October 2021 – The Departure Lounge, Alton.

Our leader this month was President Petit Chou who took us out of London SW down to the Departure Lounge Cafe. Meeting up in Tooting we were joined by Jehnius from DoB Sussex, supporter Bandit and Nicola from bonny Scotland via Essex! Good to see everyone

dykes on bikes London

Due to the slightly heavy traffic and, once out of London’s clutches, the lovely twisty route PC found for us we were all quite tired when we arrived at the cafe… bummer it was shut!!! We didn’t know it was closed due to Covid so we will have to put this venue on the list for a return visit.

All pretty hungry by now we found a nearby pub/restaurant for a delicious sunday roast.. yum, yum.

We took various routes back to London, some wanting to return via country roads and others a more speedy route. A great ride again, shame about the cafe but we will go there again sometime soon.

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