August 2022

Canal pride – 6th/7th August – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Following on from London Pride last month we had an opportunity to reciprocate by visiting the dutch girls in Amsterdam for Amsterdam Canal Pride. Pogs and Bandit flew over for the weekend and met up with Dori G, President of DoB Rhine-Weser. A totally excellent weekend hosted by the Pride on Bikes girls, Janne, Angelique and Marian. After being let down at the last minute by AirBnB, (a sudden no notice cancellation), we were saved by Nathalie Voren, owner of the Hotel Boutique View right next to Leidseplein in the very heart of Amsterdam.

Arriving on the Friday, we were invited to attend an exhibition at the Paradiso curated by Janne and featuring artworks by Marian.

And a very interesting exhibition it was too. We then made our way to Saarien, the oldest lesbian bar in Amsterdam, (probably in Europe), and now the only one left.

On the Saturday we were very much looking forward to viewing the world famous Canal pride, and were offered a prime spot on the edge of the Prinzengracht with a perfect view of the passing canal boats… thanks to Die, the owner of Saarien, who allowed us to join them at their space.

Quite the view

Soon the canal parade begins.. just spectacular..

The evening was mad, just so many people. We arranged to meet with Janne, Marian and Angelique plus a few of the other girls we have met including Isabelle at the Homo-monument but it was so crowded we just couldn’t make our way through to them. We decided to retreat to Saarien and meet them there later, however when we got there it was also thronged so we changed our plans and went to the American Bar in Leidseplein for dinner.. very nice it was too.

The next morning, Nathalie owner of the Boutique View, put on a tremendous brunch spread for us and we were joined by Janne, Marian, Angelique and Isabelle to say farewell and see you next year.

Pogs and Bandit had a late-ish flight, but had been pre-warned by several of the girls to try and arrive at least 4 hours before the flight as the queues have been humungous at Schiphol airport. Taking this to heart we made our way there expecting to be waiting a long time.. well the flying goddesses were on our side for once and we glided through both the security and passport controls leaving us with several hours to ‘kill’ before our flight home… go Dykes on Planes (just for you Dori lol).

Monthly Ride Out – Camber Sands – 21st August

Due to numerous reasons including holidays, injuries and prior arrangements a group of 10 dyke bikers slowly whittled down to two… it being a lovely day Pogs and Sheila decided to not cancel yet another ride and go ahead down to Camber Sands.

A lovely twisty route through the High Weald, arriving just 2 hours later at Camber Sands… and it is very sandy.

A quick lunch in the local cafe and back on the bikes.

We decide to follow a twisty route back to London finding ourselves on some really lovely backroads… until at one point we were actually attempting to get the huge Harley round a tiny hairpin full of grit and dirt, that bike is so not made for this and Pogs was certainly not a happy bunny!! Having managed to survive that we take a stop at the Bull pub in Benenden for a shandy before relinquishing the twistys for a direct route back to London.

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