DOB London – Appendix C



Dykes on Bikes® Chapter Requirements

(Revisions Effective March 2010)

Dykes on Bikes® Women’s Motorcycle Contingent is an organization committed to creating a

local, national and international community of women motorcyclists and friends of women

motorcyclists. Our mission is to support philanthropic endeavors in the lesbian, gay, bisexual,

transgender and women’s communities and beyond, and reach out to empower a community of

diverse women through rides, charity events, Pride events and education.

The San Francisco Dykes on Bikes® Women’s Motorcycle Contingent herein will be referred to

as Dykes on Bikes®.

Dykes on Bikes® welcomes and encourages all women motorcyclists and friends of women

motorcyclists to ride as a community under the Dykes on Bikes® trademarked name. We have

fought long and hard for the trademark with the goal to pave the way for the future.

Below are the Dykes on Bikes® requirements for becoming and maintaining a Dykes on Bikes®

Chapter. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Chapter Requirements, please

contact the Vice President of Dykes on Bikes® at

Section 1: Chapter Qualifications

A Dykes on Bikes® chapter may be granted to a domestic or international motorcycle club when

the following requirements and timeframes are met.

Initial Timeframe (prior to being granted a chapter):

A. Support the goals, objectives, and mission statement of Dykes on Bikes® as stated in the

Dykes on Bikes® By-Laws.

B. Act in a manner reflecting positively on all Dykes on Bikes® riders and the Dykes on Bikes®


C. Have at least five (5) members.

D. Assign a point person to be the liaison with the Dykes on Bikes®.

E. Determine the chapter’s name. The chapter should be called <Dykes on Bikes® (insert

city)>. For example, Dykes on Bikes® Sacramento.1

F. Fill out the Dykes on Bikes® Chapter Application.

Within Six (6) Months of Being Granted a Dykes on Bikes® Chapter:

G. Maintain above requirements (A-F).

H. Establish Officers for the chapter, if not already completed in the Chapter Application.

I. Order the official Dykes on Bikes® chapter patches and require all chapter members to wear

the patch appropriately (see Section 2-3 for more details).

1 Please note that only one (1) chapter should exist per city or locale. However, in instances where the prospect

chapter believes it should cover a larger area than a city or in cases where there may be another chapter nearby, the

Dykes on Bikes® Board reserves the right to grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis.


J. Register as a not-for-profit organization (e.g., 501(c)3 nonprofit or 501(c)7 social club). Use

of the name Dykes on Bikes® shall not be used for profit other than fundraising for your own

chapter or a charity.

K. Create chapter bylaws and/or policies and procedures2. A copy must be emailed to:

• The Secretary of the Dykes on Bikes®

• The Vice President of Dykes on Bikes®

Annually: to be completed by August 1st

L. Maintain above requirements (A-K).

M. File taxes through the Internal Revenue Service or appropriate oversight body for

international clubs. (Note: If merchandise is sold, appropriate sales tax licenses must be

obtained and tax collected and paid, per your state/country’s laws.)

N. Volunteer in at least two (2) philanthropic endeavors that support the mission of Dykes on


O. When possible, work with the Pride committee in the area to help support or start a Pride

Parade ride.

P. Send Dykes on Bikes® a copy of the following documents:

• Updated list of chapter members, including email contact information.

• Updated copy of the chapter’s Bylaws and Policies & Procedures if any revisions have

been made.

• A copy of the chapter’s registration as a not-for-profit organization.

• A copy of the chapter’s filed taxes.

All issues that are not related to issues concerning compliance with the Dykes on Bikes® Chapter

Guidelines are the responsibility of the individual chapter to monitor and address.

Section 2-1: Being Granted a Dykes on Bikes® Chapter

A. The Dykes on Bikes® officers and board members will verify that the prospect chapter meets

the initial chapter requirements and will vote to approve the new chapter.

B. Upon approval, the Dykes on Bikes® will issue the new chapter an official Dykes on Bikes®

Chapter Certificate.

C. The chapter term will remain in effect providing the chapter continues to meet the Dykes on

Bikes® requirements.

Section 2-2: Communications

Chapters are expected to:

A. Maintain an active point of contact person and notify the Dykes on Bikes® of any contact


B. Maintain periodic contact with the Dykes on Bikes® and interact with officers and board


C. Promote and encourage Dykes on Bikes® membership in the chapter.

D. Hold a board meeting at least once per month.

2 Dykes on Bikes® will make their bylaws and policies and procedures available, upon request by a chapter

organization, as an example. The Dykes on Bikes® bylaws were created in and for the state of California, and as

such may contain information specific to California law. All chapters much ensure their bylaws are in compliance

with the state laws for the state in which the chapter is located


Section 2-3: Dykes on Bikes® Patches (“Colors”)

Official Dykes on Bikes® colors must be worn in the following prescribed manner. Failure to

respect and honor the Dykes on Bikes® colors by wearing them inappropriately is cause for

chapter termination.

Official Dykes on Bikes® colors:

A. Must be ordered through the Dykes on Bikes®.

B. Is a large circular grey patch with a black triangle that says Dykes on Bikes®. The Local

Chapter’s name will be arched over the triangle. (See image below)

C. Dykes on Bikes® colors must be worn alone on the back of a jacket or vest and will be the

only adornment on the back of the garment. (See image below)

D. Only members who meet the chapter’s local membership requirements are authorized to wear

the Dykes on Bikes® colors.

E. The Dykes on Bikes® colors are the property of the local chapter, unless that chapter is

revoked by the Dykes on Bikes®; at which point, the patches will remain the property of the

Dykes on Bikes®.

F. The chapter reserves the right to request the return of the Dykes on Bikes® colors upon

termination of an individual’s membership for any reason, including to prevent the

unauthorized use of the colors and the Dykes on Bikes® trademarked name. Chapters are

responsible for monitoring the appropriate use of the Dykes on Bikes® name.

G. It is up to the chapter to determine whether the club will buy-back the Dykes on Bikes®

colors. The chapter’s policy regarding patches should be clearly defined and if applicable,

should address the state in which the patch should be returned, e.g., clean and reusable.

Other Colors:

H. All other colors and adornments, including local chapter patches, may be worn on the front

of a jacket or vest. (See following image)


Section 2-4: Rides:

Each chapter is responsible for determining and monitoring its rides. However, while wearing

the Dykes on Bikes® colors, chapters/members must ride lawfully and in a manner that reflects

positively on the Dykes on Bikes® community, including abiding by local laws regarding the use

of drugs or alcohol while riding. Failure to do so constitutes a violation of the Chapter

Requirements and will result in direct corrective action as deemed necessary by the Dykes on

Bikes® board.

Section 2-5: Chapter Revocation:

Dykes on Bikes® reserves the right to request information and additional support from chapters

to verify that chapters are meeting the Dykes on Bikes® Chapter Requirements. Failing to

comply with the Chapter Requirements set forth in this document may result in the revoking of a

chapter’s status by the Dykes on Bikes® Board of Directors as agreed upon by a vote of the


Section 2-6: Membership Qualifications:

It is up to the chapter to determine local membership requirements. These requirements should

be stated in the chapter’s policies and procedures. As one possible example, the SF Dykes on

Bikes® requires a new pledge to attend six (6) consecutive board meetings.

Section 2-7: Membership Dues:

A. Currently, Dykes on Bikes® does not require membership dues from its chapters. Dykes on

Bikes® reserves the right to amend this section as desired by its board.

B. It is at the discretion of each chapter to determine the local membership requirements,

including membership dues. Chapters are encouraged to consider hardship that dues may

incur and maintain a space that is open to all women and friends of women motorcyclists

regardless of financial situations.