Endurance Challenge Rides

Every year we nominate an LGBTQ charity to receive donations from fundraising activities.  One of our major fundraising initiatives is our Endurance Ride Challenges.

Long-distance Endurance Riding

Long-distance endurance riding is the activity of riding motorcycles over long distances, both competitively and as a pastime. A goal of long-distance riding is to explore one’s endurance while riding a motorcycle, sometimes across several countries.

Endurance riding isn’t for everyone, and definitely isn’t a challenge that should be taken lightly.

Riding long distance on a motorcycle is a much different experience than driving a car. For one you’re exposed to the elements which take a toll on your body, but can also have a major effect on you mentally. Extreme heat, bone chilling cold, rain and high-speed winds can make a 100-mile stretch feel like a million miles both physically and mentally. But then, that’s all part of the reason why we ride motorcycles, for the unique experience that only a motorcycle can provide.

Sponsored Challenge Rides

As a club, Dykes on Bikes® London organises sponsored endurance rides of either 250 miles in 6 hours, (the Noonie Nibbler), 500 miles in 12 hours, (the Minnie Muncher), or 1000 miles in 24 hours, (the Fanny Flamer). With these rides we set ourselves a challenge and at the same time raise funds for our charity of the year.

For the year 2019 we have selected The Outside Project. The Outside Project is a group of LGBTIQ+ colleagues, friends and activists who work in the Homeless sector and have lived experience of homelessness and the unique, complex issues the lgbtiq+ community face. They have launched the UK’s first LGBTIQ+ Crisis/Homeless Shelter & Community Centre.


All our Patches and Prospects are invited to take part in our Endurance rides.  The first time those who complete the ride in the given time are awarded a Challenge pin, for either the Noonie, Minnie or Flamer or indeed all three!!  They are also awarded a year hanger; when completing in future years they can add the new year to their award.

Events are also open to non members who are required to pay an entrance fee.

All riders are expected to find sponsorship. Please do consider supporting this and complete a sponsorship form for the next event, just click on the event you would like to sponsor.

A link to our next sponsored Club Endurance Ride will appear here in due course.