dykes on bikes London

Vroooom, Vroooom

So, ya wanna come for a ride…???

Dykes on Bikes is an institution and we fully understand that not all lesbians may be comfortable with that label. We welcome any lesbian biker to come and ride with us whether queer, gay, lesbian, dyke, bull dagger, butch, femme, etc. etc… so do come and join us on our open rides.

As a club we ride to a certain set of, what we like to see as, sensible group riding ‘rules’ intended to ensure everyone has an enjoyable ride and is kept as safe as possible.  Naturally, motorcycling is inherently dangerous and group riding potentially more so, that is why we insist on everyone completing a

DOB London Group Ride and Waiver Form

The form asks everyone to acknowledge that they have read and accept to follow our group riding rules, so here they are:

DOB London Ride Rules

If you are intending on joining us on our rides then please ensure you have completed the Group Ride and Waiver Form and have read and accept the Ride Rules… we strictly insist on….

No Waiver, No Ride!!

We also have some information on group riding and ask that you are familiar with these if you want to ride with us DOB London Group Ride Policy