Who are Dykes on Bikes London?


Membership is by invitation only.  If you are interested in becoming a member of DoB London, identify as a Dyke and own or have access to a motorcycle then come along to our events and rides, get to know us and us you.

If you want to actively support our club and would like to progress to eventually becoming a patched member then the first step is to come along to our rides and events, get involved, get to know us and we’ll take it from there. If you don’t ride yet or are not a full licence holder then we are always happy to lend our support in return for yours.

Even if you are not currently interested in becoming fully involved we are still very happy for you to come along to our rides and events, look forward to meeting you.

We are a diverse group and reflect the multi-national makeup of London.  We have members from England of course. but also Eire, France, Netherlands and even the USA!

Current members are:


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Oh yes…

… and not forgetting our club mascot, who rides with us everywhere….